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Pike 8.0.404 RC

Peter Bortas-2
This will go out as a release the next couple of days as a release
unless someone finds something broken.

Pike 8.0.404 beta/release candidate:


Other builds:


Changes since Pike 8.0.388 (release 7)

New Features

o Mysql.SqlTable

  sizeof() on an SqlTable now returns the number of rows in the table.

o Web

  - Updated {en,de}code_jwt() to support HMAC signatures.

  - Added decode_jwk{,_set}(), which decode RFC 7515-style JOSE keys.


o Stdio.Buffer & String.Buffer

  Allocated constant program identifiers for both of the above.

Bug fixes

o Protocols.DNS

  The size and precision fields of T_LOC records are now properly

o System.TM

  When a System.TM object was created without any arguments some
  operations would crash on Windows, and possibly other platforms.


o Configure

  Fixed issues with the LDSHARED test on some BSD-derivatives.

o Stdio

  Fixed compilation issue on platforms without readdir_r().

Peter Bortas