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Pike 8.0 release 5 (8.0.358)

Peter Bortas-2
Pike 8.0 rel 5 is now out.

This release is dedicated to Per Hedbor, who we sadly lost at the end
of the summer. He was a programming genius, a large contributor to
many parts of Pike, and probably the most prolific producer of Pike
application code in the world. But above all we will remember him as a
great friend.



Binary builds:


Changes since Pike 8.0.276 (release 4)

New features

o Calendar

  Updated Calendar to use timezonedata from tzdata2016i.

o Crypto.ECC

  Zero-pad short signature integers.

o Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser

  It is now possible to enable non-normalization on the entire object,
  and not just on a per call basis. It is also possible to disable
  support for folded headers, as per IETFs latest specification.

o CompilerEnvironment()->lock()

  This is a class that exposes the compiler internal lock.

o Gz.deflate()->clone()

  This allows for testing compression.

o gdb_backtraces()

  gdb_backtraces() is now available even --without-debug.

o ADT.Heap()->low_pop()

  This function is analogous to low_peek().

o Protocols.WebSocket

  Parse query variables in WebSocket Requests.

Bug fixes

o cpp

  Fixed stringify operator on strings containing escaped double quotes.

o mkpackage


o Threads.Condition

  Fixed double free at cleanup on exit.

o Fixed multiple issues with cleanup on exit.

o Whitefish

  Fixed wrong signedness.

o Standards.EXIF

  Improved robustness of the EXIF parser.

o Protocols.HTTP.Session

  Ignore malformed expiry dates in cookies.

o Protocols.WebSocket

  Fixed handling of truncated frames.

o _Roxen

  Backported multiple fixes from Pike 8.1.

o Compiler

  Fixed broken range optimization.

  Removed optimization that considered the hostname() constant.

  Don't reference count direct cyclic references via mixed variables.

o MasterObject

  Protect against the same file being compiled concurrently in
  multiple threads.

  Cast to program and cast to object should now be thread-safe.

  Survive RESOLV_DEBUG being enabled.

o Stdio.FakeFile

  Improved sendfile compatibility.

o Process.create_process

  Improved behavior under high signal pressure.

o Sql.pgsql

  Improved robustness against stray destructs and exceptions.

o Standards.BSON

  Fixed circular dependency.

o Mappings

  Multiple optimizations in m_delete() and friends.


o Calendar

  Updated timezone data to tzdata2016h.


o Nettle

  Since there are distributions that have removed nettle_secp_192r1
  and nettlesecp_224r1 from the nettle library, these curved are now
  disabled by default. Enable them by compiling with

The 8.0.358 build is almost equivalent to the 8.0.352 release
candidate. The difference is fixes the the testsuite to fix some
broken tests. For exact details, see

Peter Bortas