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Pike 8.0 release 7

Peter Bortas-2
Pike 8.0 release 7 (build 8.0.388) is now out.



Binary builds:


Changes since Pike 8.0.370 (release 6)

New features

o Thread

  _sprintf() improvements: Thread.Mutex now prints the ID of the thread
  holding the lock, and thread IDs are shown as hexadecimal numbers.

Bug fixes

o String character range

  Fixed a bug where a string could incorrectly have its character
  range start point set to 0 when added with an empty string. This in
  turn would incorrectly block the string from being used by functions
  that require strings without null characters as argument or
  incorrectly take optimization paths.

o VCDiff

  Fixed type of decode_chunk().

o Parser.XML

  UTF-8 encoded documents with initial BOM were not decoded correctly.

  Serializing Parser.XML.Tree objects will now entity escape
  characters that can not be encoded in the selected output charset.

Peter Bortas