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Release candidate 8.0.370

Peter Bortas-2
Going out as release at the end of the week if nothing unexpected pops up.

Pike 8.0.370 beta/release candidate:

Other builds:

Changes since Pike 8.0.358 (release 5)

New features

o Calendar

  Updated Calendar to use timezonedata from tzdata2016j.

o Nettle

  Added version().

o Refdoc

  Updated to new Pike site layout.

Bug fixes


  Fixed a bug in the unicode handling of Standards.JSON.decode(), which
  treated codepoints slightly below the surrogate range as invalid.

o pike -x pmar_install

  Works again and properly verifies PMAR checksums.

o ::_indices(), ::_values(), ::_types(), ::`->(), ::`->=()

  Fixed several argument checking bugs in the magic_* functions.

o Fixed some bugs in the pmar installer.

o Msql

  Fixed some compilation issues.

o Sql.pgsql

  Fixed broken reconnect behaviour when the database connection dies.


o Added workaround for incompatibility in MS Windows 10's Linux
  emulation layer.