Stdio.stdin + backend in windows not working

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Stdio.stdin + backend in windows not working

Marc dirix-3

I have a short example script listed below. Under Linux (pike 8.0) this script works and Output is copied on Stdio.stdout. But in windows I get the following error notice while starting the script:

/home/zino/hack/pike8-rel/pike/src/backend.cmod:5496: Fatal error:
Filedescriptor 0 (IS CONSOLE) caused fatal error 10038 in backend.
Backtrace at time of fatal:
-:1: Pike.Backend(0)->`()(3600.0)

Removing the line "Stdio.stdin->set_read_callback(readInput);" makes the script run, and "Bla" is written on output.

Any ideas how to create a working script?

int main() {


        return -1;

void test()

void readInput(mixed a, string d)