module dumping when using buildroot

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module dumping when using buildroot

H. William Welliver III-2
I've noticed that the module dumping portion of the installer fails to
work properly when using a buildroot (for packaging purposes). It seems
that the call to pike -x dump clears the module path, which causes pike
to try to use a module path reflective of the final installed location,
which doesn't exist yet. This causes compilation of dump to fail because
(at least) Getopt can't be found.

I'm not sure why -DFAKEROOT and friends don't avoid this problem. I
didn't really dig too far into that aspect of the problem.

I can confirm that setting a PIKE_MODULE_PATH containing the built
module directories from the pike dist as part of the create_process call
that starts dump causes the initial compilation problem to go away.

I'm not sure whether dump's module path should be those from the build
directory, or from the fakeroot-installed directory.

The problem has been replicated on linux and solaris by doing "make
install buildroot=/tmp".

Any thoughts?